Tango at violin & harp rhythm

“My heart beats at the rhythm of the tango. Doctors tell me so, it’s not a fantasy of mine.” We dedicate this pre-harvest evening or harvest!? To the Tango introducing songs by the great author Astor Piazzola, rhythmically reinterpreting them through the strings of a VIOLIN and an ARPA. Open-minded music that inhibits, for once, the dance to its very end.

At 19.00 there is a GUIDED VISIT to the big WAR gunners just 10 minutes walk from the cellar and GUIDED VISIT TO CANTINA VINICOLA. To flavor the atmosphere there will be OUR WINES for you chosen: MALVASIA 2012, VITOVSKA 2013, TERAN 2010.
They will not miss it as always
specialties of the farm SARA DEVETAK.
COST PARTICIPATION: 20 € adults, 5 € children
Info & Reservations: info@castellodirubbia.it
0481 067616 or 349 7957889

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