Castello di Rubbia

A castle on the Carso with a rich and intriguing history: the first settlements of the Bronze Age with the Neolithic Castles, the Middle Ages and the legend of the coming of King RichardLion Heart” on his return home from the Crusades. The nobility and Protestantism with the arrival of Primoz Trubar and the first sermons in Slovenian and Friulian local languages. the Gradiscane Wars 1615-1618 and the first demolition of the castle. The First World War 1914-1918. The evacuation of the entire county of San Michele del Carso. The destruction of the castle and vineyards, so well-known to the Vienna Court. The return to the Carso, that sense of belonging that conveys the hopes for a slow reconstruction.
The Second World War, the Fear and the Cold War. 1998: Peace and restoration of the castle with the replanting of vineyards with autochthonous grape varieties.

A travel in time for understanding who we are,
for feeling the Carso in all its rustic splendor,
and for transmitting to the new generations
the value of their true identity.




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The book “Il Castello di Rubbia – Rubijski Grad
by Venceslav Černic and Paola Predolin,
is available in Italian, Slovenian, German and Hungarian.