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The book “Il Castello di Rubbia – Rubijski Grad” by Venceslav Černic and Paola Predolin


Wines with custom packaging or wooden boxes









Wines not to be missed

Primo Terrano 2004

Primo Trubar 2005 Vitovska

Primo Malvasia 2005

Primo Vitovska 2003

Centenary of the Great War

During the Enogastronomica di San Michele di Carso event every April 9th, the local Circolo Danica has created a personalized label portraying an Italian soldier and an Austro-Hungarian soldier shaking their hands.

Grappa di Teran

It was October 2015 when, thanks to our great friends in San Michele di Carso, we could experience the first Grappa labelled by Castello di Rubbia, a 95-liter limited edition. From a great artisan, Angelo Pagura, comes now a great Grappa di Teran. The Teran is an autochthonous and exclusive variety of the Carso region, world-renowned for its own naturalistic features: red soil and natural caves.

Deep inside the red soil and the limestone rock, the Teran roots absorb the Carso soul with its minerality and all the story and geology going through millions of years.

Known for its impenetrable blue color, for its intense bushes aroma, Teran is the grape whose natural content of anthocyanins, polyphenols and resveratrol goes over the average in international red grapes. It is for us the true Carso AMBASSADOR!!

Christmas baskets

During the Christmas Season our offer shows pure creativity, always connecting us to our community of San Michele di Carso: wine, grappa, and also local artisan products (honey, marmalades, natural syrups, homemade sausages).