The winery is located in the town of San Michele del Carso it and draws its name from the old Castello di Rubbia. The roots of the wine tradition in our district sink into the night of time. This area serves as the front line during the First World War. Following the devastation caused by war, everything that once existed only remained in our memory by precious faded black and white photos.
Since the late nineties, our family is dedicated to the farming of the native varieties of Carso: Vitovska, Istrian Malvasia and Terrano, following the “Simonit & Sirch method” aimed at respecting the plant balance and the pursuit of high quality grapes.

The book “Il Castello di Rubbia – Rubijski Grad”
by Venceslav Černic and Paola Predolin,
is available in Italian, Slovenian, German and Hungarian.