LEONARD Malvasja

I dedicate this wine to my granddad on my father’s side, who cultivated this vine variety with the utmost dedication, and to my daughter Asja, who I hope will one day comprehend the art of wine making

Vine variety:100% Malvasia istriana
Production area: the Karst region
Soil: limestone plateau covered with iron-rich red soil
Average age of vines: 18 years
Plant spacing: Guyot – 9,000 per hectare – the Simonit method
Yield: 800 kilograms per hectare
Preventive measures in the vineyard: During the last 20 days of ripening grapes are treated with a propolis emulsion that acts as a natural fungicide and thus prevents fungal diseases (botrytis, acid rot).
Serving temperature: 17°C
Best served with: blue and mature cheeses, bacon and chestnut risotto, home-rolled tagliatelle with fresh porcini mushrooms, truffle fuži (a traditional type of pasta from the Istria region)