On the hillside, surrounded by woods and rocks clinging to the summit, stands the historic Ušje vineyard, a vastness of rows covering a surface of 13 hectares. Caressed by the Mediterranean influences, the typically Carsic terrain, rich in iron, has an deep red color.

The historic vineyard on the Carso, Usje, destroyed during the First World War, lives now with its offspring Vitovska, Terrano and Istrian Malvasia. Since the end of the 1990s, our family is dedicated to the indigenous varieties of the Carso farmed following the natural equilibrium of each.
The vertiginous plant density of 10,000 vines per hectare and the minimum vine yields, between 500/800 grams, rigorous hand labor and refusal to the use of chemical compounds are proof of our commitment to the excellence of our grapes.
The vineyards are located in the Carso, a rocky terrain composed of limestone and red soil, originated from a specific geological phenomenon: Carsism. The characteristics of the pedoclimatic environment infuse the wines a distinctive personality that expresses itself through minerality, flavor and an aromatic array.
The quest for elegance and longevity is the cornerstone of our stylistic imprint. We privilege long macerations and fermentations with indigenous yeasts, the only ones able to convey the DNA of our vines to the wine. Maceration varies according to the vintage, since we consider climate change and seasonal trends key factors to give typicality.