Wine Cellar

Nested in the womb of the rock of a Carsic promontory and embellished by a stylistic standard that goes back to ancient vaults, our cellar conveys a perfect synthesis between modernity and tradition.

The Carsic rocky walls of the cellar display geology milestones through millions of years of history with fossils and minerals.

Let’s start the dance.

In this place, coming from the grapes of our vineyards, the wines of Castello di Rubbia are born: they find their true identity in the slow flow of spontaneous macerations and fermentations that can last for months. In the silence of long refinements on their yeasts, they find their character, each with their own pace walking in search of stability and equilibrium, the first axiom for a wine that embarks on a new life in the bottle without needing any filtration. This solitude ranges from two to five years before being released to the public for carrying unique emotions.

“Art needs art”: in the meantime, the soul of our cellar rouses with musical events, favoring the autochthonous popular genres, classical music, Jazz and Blues. With no age limit, our concerts connect children and adults alike, joined by their love for music, living in the rhythm of life.

We also offer stage plays, art exhibitions such as sculptures, mosaics and photography, open to the public during the winery’s events and our cellar’s opening hours.
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